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Zena Everett's entire career is based on professional relationships and she discusses with Andy Lopata how important this has been. All opportunities have come from her network and she includes the pivotal effect of feedback from trusted sources, however tough. Relationships could go wrong when she was too opinionated, giving unwanted advice. Zena learned that sometimes people just want someone to listen. She shares some of her favourite books.

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Andy lopata's guest this week is Zena Everett, a leadership coach and speaker on career strategy and productivity. She is the author of Amazon #1 best-seller 'The Crazy Busy Cure'.

Andy and Zena discuss the challenge most clients share of a lack of time to focus on relationship building, particularly true in professional services where people are often judged on billable hours. How do we strike the right balance and find the time? The importance of building relationships outside the business to stay in touch with changes. Time management involves setting priorities, planning, discipline and includes deep work sessions and good leadership. They conclude by looking at how we adapt to a post pandemic world with new technology and new, flexible ways of working.

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In the follow up podcast to to their discussion on adapting to new expectations after Covid, Andy asks Valerie Belhassen about the impact of professional relationships on her career. For Valerie it was the mix of contributions to her career development by many people. How to manage, how to get the best out of people, how to listen and welcome other ideas. She also learned to claim the value of her own work and she found gender differences in doing that. The problems she faced in her initial search for perfection encouraged her to listen more and make room for others. Valerie shared her favourite resources.


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Andy Lopata and Valerie Belhassen discuss the changes that are taking place in the multi-national bank BNP Paribas. Valerie is Head of Compliance Human Resourses at BNPP and has been involved in the adaptation of working methods across countries and cultures. They look at how remote working has impacted the bank and the prospects for the future. How the bank proposes to deal with the issues that arise in the future and the pros and cons of doing that. Andy and Valerie also examine video conferencing fatigue, staff well-being when there is a lack of physical contact and the importance of trust. Valerie outlines her plan for 'smart-working'.

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Following the podcast on Monday with Carla Bass and Jackie Barrie, Andy Lopata poses questions to them on the impact of professional relationships on their careers. Carla's father was also in the US Airforce and gave her good advice which she followed throughout her career. Leadership skills came from senior officers she encountered over thirty years. Jackie found relationships that supported and challenged her had most impact. The corporate boss who then became a client; the coach who helped a breakthrough in her career and the accountability  partner through lockdown who was her help and conscience. Challenges in relationships for Carla were mainly based on being one of few women in the USAF at the start of her career. Jackie unintentionally upset and lost a good friend by writing about her and this was an important lesson. Carla and Jackie recommended their favourite resources.


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In this week's podcast on the power of the written word, Andy Lopata talks to Carla Bass and Jackie Barrie both long time experts in this field. Carla's battle cry is that powerful writing changes lives and is the author of 'Write to Influence'. Jackie speaks trains and mentors aspiring copywriters around the world to write without waffle. They discuss the value of good writing in establishing relationships and whether it is a fundamental skill in good leadership. Ambiguity can be a problem causing misunderstanding if the written word is not clear. Andy and his guests also talk about communication issues; social media and the importance of knowing your audience and how they communicate. They also examine the differences between introverts and extroverts in communication skills and whether good grammar and spelling are still important.

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In this edition marking the one year anniversary of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata answers two important questions. The first from Wanda in Carmel, California, is on the topic of why some teams work while others don't. The second question comes from Jackie Barrie, who guests next week on the podcast.  She wants to know how to say 'no' to someone especially when they are looking for free advice.

This is the last regular monthly 'Ask Andy' but there will be occasional podcasts if there are topics or questions that arise.

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Andy's regular monthly guest, Dr Ruth Gotian, joins him to discuss whether you need to be in the office to find a mentor. There are obvious benefits but small talk can be challenging especially with senior colleagues. Andy and Ruth look at the advantages of the invisible wall of a screen giving the opportunity to think through, edit and delete before you speak. Connecting with people you respect, admire or are curious about through social media can lead to opportunities you would otherwise not have. They also discuss Zoom calls and the value of using the chat feature and follow up to raise your visibility and engage with senior people. Dr Ruth defines and distinguishes between a role model, mentor, a coach and a sponsor.

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In this week's follow up podcast, Andy Lopata and Adam Harris discuss the significance of professional relationships; mentors; being in the right communities so that you learn from others and the importance of trust, rapport and respect. An early negative experience actually led to the development of Adam's current career and his philosophy of - good thing, bad thing, who knows!

Adam recommends mastermind groups as a learning resource and the Frank and Fearless Podcast.

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