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June 2021
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In today's Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Caterina Kostoula discuss what makes a great meeting and how leaders can plan and improve when meetings are less productive for both the organisation and the participants. They examine the myth of the lonely genius and teamwork. What changes can be made to improve meetings and what is the best number of particpants. Sometimes there is a place for an outside facilitator to improve the planning for a meeting, the number of attendees and the bonding of those taking part. Andy and Caterina also talk about getting your voice heard. Finally they look at problems for meetings during the pandemic.

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Vidusha and Andy discuss the type of relationships you need in your network if you are going to be successful. The baseline for success are personal relationships . At work Vidusha believes you need a variety of relationships; those giving support, challenging you, the risk assessor, the mentor/coach and the technical expert. You also need the person who will always ask 'so what?' and 'now what?'  When relationships go wrong, be introspective and realise that the professional relationship may be wrong but he/she is not a bad person. The podcast finishes with some of the resources that have influenced Vidusha during his career.

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Vidusha Nathavitharana is a leadership trainer, coach, and consultant. He has written over 50 books and he took the TEDx stage, talking about facilitating ‘learning’ not training and how learning can be linked to ROI when delivered exactly right. Andy Lopata and Vidusha discuss a variety of leadership topics including, organisational culture, qualities of leadership and creating eco-systems to encourage and support.  They also talk about target orientation and the relationship between leaders and followers. The importance of vulnerability and credibility and the distinction between leaders as mentors and coaches follow on from their discussion.  They finish with a look at introverts and extroverts as leaders.

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In his second interview with Jane Gunn, the Barefoot Mediator, Andy Lopata asks Jane about the professional relationships that have had the most impact on her career. Jane gives him one example where she received the support and trust she needed from her senior partner despite the challenge of being a junior and a women in a male dominated environment. When relationships become challenging, taking a step back to think about it calmly is usually the best strategy. Jane recommends two books that have influenced her thinking.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata discusses managing conflict in professional relationships with Jane Gunn, The Barefoot Mediator and former lawyer. If professional relationships underline executive success, what happens when conflict arises and threatens to breakdown relationships or collaboration? Jane explains how conflict is a process by which we express our disatisfaction with a person or a situation. A bad conversation or assumptions can escalate and cause resentment and misunderstanding. Strategies to overcome these problems include a clear mindset, a constructive response and mediation. Also important is a framework within organisations for managing conflict in these situations.

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In this month's 'Ask Andy', Andy Lopata covers three areas he wants to share. First is 'small talk' and its role in supporting and helping us. The relational rather than transactional approach helps to really get to know people and make stronger and more authentic connections. Andy then discusses coming back from the pandemic, and the importance of recognising and empathising with those who may find the transition back to meeting face to face, uncomfortable or difficult. Finally, Andy shares some tools and infographics he has produced to help you develop your professional relationships and to assess your vulnerability.

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Agile Leadership: how strong connections and strong professional relationships can help you to make better decisions and respond more quickly to events on the ground. In their end of month discussion, Andy Lopata and Luca Signoretti look at how companies are adapting and becoming more agile with the decision making process pushed down the hierarchy empowering middle and high ranking leaders. But, when you empower decision making, you should also give access to resources and information needed to make the best decisions. Luca and Andy discuss the individual's responsibility for their own development, what they need to do that and what blockers are in the way. Finally, they talk about 360 degree networks and Luca's workshops on LinkedIn.

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Andy Lopata follows up his conversation with Dr Alison Horstmeyer about the value of being curious. They discuss professional relationships and the resources that have most influenced Alison in her career. Her perspective is different in that she used negative relationships and feedback to be curious about herself, to help herself move forward and to see what were her blindspots.  Andy and Alison also talked about the importance of honesty and trust when asking for feedback. Alison concludes by sharing her favourite books and Ted Talk.

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