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April 2021
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Andy Lopata's guest is Professer Mark Beal from Rutgers University in New Jersey, whose career spans 25 years in advertising, marketing and PR. Mark's first job opportunity came from two people he met while an intern at a PR agency. That meeting changed the direction of his life and his career.  Mark shares his favourite resources. He has 'must reads' every day including the 'Morning Consult', a data organisation that keeps him up to speed on the latest news. He also reads a number of newsletters with a variety of content.  Podcasts are a favourite for more in depth conversation and he listens to TedX talks finding them informative and inspiring. 'Fast Company' is an innovative monthly magazine. His own podcast is 'GenZ from A-Z' and can be found on YouTube

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Mark Beal, professor & keynote speaker. Author of four books including 'Decoding Gen Z' and 'Understanding Gen Z.  Andy and Mark discuss the changes in attitude and behaviour of this generation, their entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Gen Z can work from anywhere, salary is not the prime consideration, they are looking for a corporate culture of diversity, belonging and inclusion. Leaders need to listen to them and give them a voice, being mentors rather than managers. The importance of social and audio media platforms is considered and the effect of Covid on mental health and the resilience of this generation.

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Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman recall the professional relationships that impacted their early careers and share resources that influence them. Sanja thrived both in corporate life and as an entrepreneur with the help of those who believed in her, who nurtured her talent and had confidence in her abilities. Caroline remembers an absence of senior leaders who mentored her in the corporate environment. One senior lawyer kept her on track despite feeling she was in an alien environment. Professional relationships with peers who were aspirational and mastermind groups, helped her believe in what was possible. But, sometimes relationship evolve and change and this is acceptable.


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In a fascinating conversation, Andy Lopata explores the concept of Imposter Syndrome with Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman. The belief that any success you have, where you are now, is all down to luck and not your own ability. The fear of being exposed as the fraud you think you are. Sanja takes this a step further seeing the Imposter Monster, the inner critic appearing at important moments in career growth. To overcome this you need reminders (receipts) of success and a support network. Imposter Syndrome is more destructive than self-doubt. Caroline and Sanja have both experienced being women of colour in a white corporate world and found the turning point is belief in yourself; when you go from being the only one in the room, to being the first in the room. Imposter Syndrome doesn't go away, but you find tools to manage it. Leaders need to recognize the struggle and encourage the conversation in order to help.

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Doug Conant talks to Andy Lopata about the professional relationships that had the most impact on his career. He recalls three bosses in the early years who understood him and wanted him to succeed. They helped him to develop his philosophy of valuing other perspectives and celebrating contributions from employees. This showed that as a leader, he had built a strong foundation, he was paying attention, making it personal and in time it became reciprocal.                                                   Resources included the Ted Talk by David Brooks 'Should you live for your resume or your eulogy?'                                                'Good to Great' by Jim Collins                                                  'Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking' by Susan Kane                                                                            'Dare to Lead' by Brene Brown

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Andy Lopata talks to Doug Conant who, during a long career headed the Campbell Soup Company, Nabisco and Avon .The author of two books, he now works with leaders encouraging them to listen and to embrace interruptions as Touchpoints, the key to effective leadership and effective engagement with staff. Frequency of interactions however small, can make an impact in a short space of time and is key to building trust and strong relationships. 'How can I help?' is the key concept. Social media presents a challenge; you need to be clear about how you want to be seen and have the discipline to use social media effectively. Doug shares his six step process for leaders to become fully effective and discusses how important is it for a leader to be open and vulnerable?

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In April's Ask Andy, Andy Lopata focuses on two listeners' questions. Is it right that we should show our scars not our wounds? Andy discusses how to show our scars we need to have found the solution to a problem and we are then in a position of experience and expertise. If we show our wounds we are showing vulnerability in asking for help. The second question looks at how you deal with the situation when someone uses your vulnerability against you. Andy talks about how you share and who you share with and the importance of trust in relationships.

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In this month's discussion Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata consider the question of where to network, how do we meet people in a virtual world? Social audio has become very popular and Luca recommends leveraging your current network to meet new people. But it is essential that you are strategic and targeted in your approach. For those who do not have a strong network, Luca and Andy discuss the tools that can be used, including LinkedIn and asking for help from personal networks. It is essential that you know who you want to meet and why you want the connection. In a normal environment, use your strategy to select your networking events and focus on building the relationship first.

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Liana Chaouli shares with Andy Lopata the impact that professional relationships have had on her journey and recommends some of her favourite resources. Liana tells the story of the trust and opportunity given by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) early in her career that changed the path of her work. She believes there is no boundary between professional and personal relationships and talks about the importance of the influence of relatives and friends. Relationships can go wrong through the lack of communication, the use of words. Liana talks about leadership, sharing wounds and the need to acknowledge and take responsibility for your own mistakes.  Among the resources she shares is the challenge to learn from exploring different perspectives.

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