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In a fascinating interview with Liana Chaouli, Andy Lopata explores the domain of image therapy. Liana believes most people wear clothing as armour when it should be a frame reflecting who we are. She believes we react to expectations, conforming to what we believe society wants and leaving no room for individuality, inner beauty and authenticity. Clothing should be a tool, bringing out the essence of a person and making them comfortable with themselves.  Feeling good about yourself makes it easier to engage and connect with other people. By admitting our vulnerability we can let go of the armour.

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Nick Jonsson continues his discussion with Andy Lopata about his struggles with executive loneliness as an ex-pat in Singapore. Nick has a passion to reach out to speakers, presenters and coaches and match people with the right audience. His professional relationships are based on this and by using many of the same contacts over the years, he has developed a strong, effective network.  Professional relationships can go wrong if you don't have a plan and a strategy. You may form relationships on the wrong basis and find it necessary to walk away.

Many of the resources Nick uses come from support groups but he also recommended 'Goals!' by Brian Tracy and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T Kiyosaki



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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Nick Jonsson,Managing Director of Executives' Global Network & Ironman (EGN), discuss the issues that led him to write the book 'Executive Loneliness'. As an ex-pat he relied on the company to support him and when he lost his job he became isolated, was insecure, anxious and angry. Nick explains how he realised he needed to be less reliant on the company. At work he didn't share with anyone and he conducted a survey that showed that this was general in a senior executive position; you don't ask for help showing vulnerability. Nick shares his advice on how to overcome this problem with support groups such as mastermind groups.

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Anna Parker Naples talks about the professional relationships that influenced her career in this edition of the podcast. Anna had a strategic focus towards mastermind groups where she received support and peer group mentoring. These groups helped her to develop and and by knowing exactly what support she needed she was able to benefit from their knowledge.  The setting of boundaries was sometimes a challenge in managing client relationships.

Anna recommended 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron and 'The Five Second Rule' by Mel Robbins. She also talks about the importance of the self-discipline she needed to write her own books.

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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast Andy Lopata interviews Anna Parker Naples, author of 'Get Visible', 'Podcast With Impact' and the podcast challenge on Facebook. They discuss the rapid growth of the medium linked to the need to connect. Anna views a podcast as attraction marketing, sharing and building trust. It is also important to share vulnerability as this creates connections in professional relationships that underpin executive success. Are podcasts the new websites giving leaders within an industry more visibility? Anna finishes by sharing her podcasting top tips.

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Following his first interview with journalist, television presenter,food writer and critic, Rebecca Seal, Andy Lopata asks Rebecca about the impact of professional relationships on her career. Rebecca talks specifically about three people; the editor who taught her in the early stage of her journalistic career; the PR for restaurants who was a silent mentor, gently pushing her when she was a freelance writer to gain her first regular client. Her agent for many years who always believed in her.  Looking at professional relationships that have gone wrong, Rebecca talks about projecting very high expectations on people and putting them under too much pressure. Creating stress leads to letting people down.

Finally they discuss resources and particularly books.  A full list can be found in the show notes but three books were most notable; Mindset by Carol Dweck, Grit by Angela Duckworth and Gulp by Mary Roach

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In a fascinating conversation with Rebecca Seal, journalist, food critic and author of 'Solo - How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind', Andy Lopata explores with Rebecca how to cope with the psychological difficulties of being by yourself. They look at the mental challenge of solitude and strategies for creating an environment of discipline and boundaries that are successful. Working from home can be very rewarding if certain rules are followed.  Having dedicated spaces for work and home life; a transitional ritual, closing down at the end of the work day and therefore symbolically allowing your work day to end. Rebecca and Andy also discuss the importance of managing  both personal and professional relationships with care.  Social media and food are also discussed.

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In his monthly edition answering questions, Andy Lopata shares the questions asked by the team at IV EXEC in the US. Several questions focused on time management; how to optimise time spent networking, building deep relationships within time restraints and how to show you are genuine. A question on cold reach brings up the importance of focus on the 'you' rather than 'I' in a conversation. Andy also looks at where there may be gaps in your network and finally, nurturing relationships in a virtual world and dialling up the empathy.

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In his regular end of the month conversation with Luca Signoretti, Italian Leadership Strategist, Andy and Luca talk about how you build a relationship when you meet people for the first time. The need to be prepared to take the next step to continue the conversation and most importantly, to follow up. Both Andy and Luca suggest tools that can be used to confirm a new relationship and how you can shift your focus in a socially distant world. They also discuss the value and potential of introductions and referrals from your network.

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