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February 2021
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Andy Lopata continues his conversation with Jen Snow from the US Airforce and David Schiff from the US Navy. Looking back at the people who had the most influence on their careers, Jen and David had very similar experiences and identify the many professional relationships where their confidence was developed enabling them to be comfortable asking questions and having the opportunity to learn from smart people who placed trust in them. They discuss the importance of support, mentorship and the challenge of being a professional and a leader.

A long, eclectic list of resources are given by Andy's guests.

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In a fascinating edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Jennifer “JJ” Snow, Chief Technology Officer for AFWERX the innovation division of the U.S. Air Force and David Schiff, Department of Defense leader, innovator, and federal-wide collaborator for the Department of the Navy. They both have important and challenging roles and discuss the power of professional relationships and the importance of collaboration, innovation and strong networks. They describe the effectiveness of working across silos and interagency cooperation with a willingness to share information, expertise and challenges. Jen and David also talk about hackerthons and international collaboration.


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In the Thursday edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Martin Gargiulo continue their conversation about the importance of social capital.  Martin gives an illustration of a situation where social capital can work and act as an insurance policy.  The people who influenced Martin's career in his home country of Uruguay, the long standing relationship and respect for the Columbia professor and the colleague at INSEAD who helped develop his career.

Martin recommends several books including a biography of the master networker, Henry Kissinger, by Niall Ferguson and 'All You Have To Do Is Ask by Wayne Baker.



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In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Martin Gargiulo, Shell Chair Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Develpment, INSEAD, about what  we mean by 'Social Capital'? They distinguish between human and social capital, the latter underlying our success. What you learn and what you have access to through relationships with other people. They discuss how social capital can help leaders be more effective. The role of social media and building relationships virtually in the current pandemic.  Andy and Martin also examine the difference between wide and deep networks.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata continues his discussion with Big Issue CEO Nigel Kershaw . They focus on the importance of amateur relationships, working with people who are engaging with you because of their passion for what you are doing.  Things go wrong when people look for association with the brand only and don't deliver.

A major influence has been 'Capitalism,Socialism and Democracy' by American economist Joseph Schumpeter

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In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy lopata talks to Nigel Kershaw, Chairman of the Big Issue, Big Issue Invest and Big Issue Exchange.  They discuss the start up of the Big Issue by Lord John Bird and its mission to get the homeless off the streets. Seen as a business solution rather than a charity, Andy and Nigel discuss the interdependency between the vendors and the teams and the relationships between the vendors and their clients.  They also look at the obstacles they faced and how they have changed the perception of homeless people.

As the business has grown and in the current circumstances, digital changes and innovation have been made introducing cashless on the street to protect and help vendors. Big Issue Invest and Big Issue Exchange are an extension of the original mission.

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This month's 'Ask Andy', answers a question through LinkedIn from  a listener to the Connected Leadership Podcast from Austria.  How can you draw a line between a casual relationship and a genuine networker, thus building a network where the benefits of a professional relationship can be leveraged effectively.  How do you filter out the time wasters?

From an article Andy wrote for this month's Big Issue, he talks about the lessons learnt from the past months of lockdown and the importance of 'dialling up the empathy'.

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This month's regular discussion on The Connected Leadership Podcast with leadership strategist Luca Signoretti, marks the first broadcast on LinkedIn Live. Recorded in the week of the US Presidential Inauguration, Luca and Andy Lopata discuss the power of professional relationships and working with people who disagree with your views.   They look at competion and short term goals within companies creating silos preventing development and growth.

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