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Following their wide ranging conversation about diversity and inclusion in Monday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Dr Miranda Brawn discuss her personal  journey. They look at the positive and negative influences in her professional relationships. The importance of a variety of mentors and sponsors who helped her grow at different stages of her career. Andy and Miranda also look at how you can ask for help and the reasons why some professional relationships don't work.

Resources: 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill                     'The Secret' vision board; plus podcasts, autobiographies and Hip Hop music with empowering and inspiring lyrics.

'Tell me how you got to where you are today' by Dr Miranda Brawn




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In today's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata explores the topic of Diversity in the Boardroom with Miranda Brawn, Board Advisor, Lawyer, Author, International Public Speaker, Success Coach and Founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

Some progress having been made in the conversation, there is now a need to see more action.  Andy and Miranda discuss where the challenges are in societies and to what extent ticking boxes is OK in an organisation.  They also look at the different experiences both positive and negative within the BAME community.  "If we are talking about race, it makes sense that we get it right".

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In Thursday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to his guests, Susan RoAne and Grant Leboff, about personal journeys and which professional relationships have had the biggest impact on their careers and why?   They also look at where relationships have gone wrong and what has been learned from the experience.

The resources Susan and Grant have found most useful over the years include listening to speakers in different fields of experience including Rabbi Jonathan Sachs whose work has resonated so strongly with Grant Leboff.

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In today's episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Susan RoAne, international speaker and best selling author and Grant Leboff a world renowned speaker and author on marketing and relationship building

Susan coined the popular phrase 'How to Work a Room' with her best-selling book of the same name. Andy focuses  on what happens once you have left the room. How important is following up with people and where do people go wrong?  Grant is a master of keeping in touch. Andy explores whether this is something that he does instinctively or does he have a process? They all discuss how you follow up with people when you have just met them and how you connect with people on a personal level when you have met them on business.  They have an interesting conversation on the value of social media in developing relationships.

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In the Thursday edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Todd Cherches and Andy Lopata focus on management and leadership. They look at the relationship between a leader or manager and their team and general management theory. Todd explains how his High School English teacher was the greatest influence on him. Todd and Andy go on to talk about horrible bosses and what to learn from them. Finally, they discuss recommended resources.

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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Todd Cherches take us on a fast paced ride around the English language and visual communication, discussing how they can help us to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships. Todd Cherches, an academic from New York, talks about the use of metaphor and storytelling in visual leadership. Using a good metaphor can create greater clarity and understanding and story telling is a powerful resource. Andy and Todd also talk about using models to communicate visual thinking and the '3 Vs' of Visibility, Voice and Value.

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In this month's 'Ask Andy' Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy answers the question,'How do you plan and write a book?' Firstly he questions the reasons for writing a book. Have you something to say, are your motivations the right ones?  What support do you have and do you know your audience?  He then discusses the process; writing, editing, proofing and the value of the mind map.

Andy then examines the pros and cons of Clubhouse, a new social media conversation app.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Luca Signoretti continue their earlier discussion about his six performance change levers of relational leaders. Luca, a leadership strategist, explores each one in more detail.  The six have now become eight and they involve, among the challenges faced by leaders, accessing support and empowerment.  All these performance change levers are linked to relationships.

Among the change levers discussed are agility; talent management; knowledge & skills; collaboration and support. Finally, Andy and Luca look at the practical application of these levers.

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