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Lookng at the professional relationships that impacted his career,  Dan explains that arriving in the UK from Australia knowing nobody, he owes everything to the connections he made initially through Thomas and Penny Powers and their Ecademy community. Later it was Adams Street Members Club where he met his wife among others. For Dan professional and personal relationships merged in a community of mutual support. For Mindy, it started with breakfast meetings but she wanted something more organic, like Ecademy, where there was authenticity, vulnerability and mutual support. Negative experiences mainly involved a mismatch of values and outcomes.

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Andy Lopata talks to Daniel Priestley, publisher and author of four best-selling books including 'Key Person of Influence' and Mindy Gibbins-Klein, publisher and author of '24 Carat BOLD'. How important is thought leadership when you have a business to run? It is having the courage to share exciting new ideas and be recognised by peers and the market. Dan sees this as being a KPI, a key person of influence. Social media has broken the geographical barriers limiting the spread of ideas. It is important to get your ideas out there but on things you are confident about, can add value and make a difference. Dan sees writing as an important method of organising your thinking, organising your ideas in a thoughtful way. There can be a data overload and discipline is needed to unfollow, unsubscribe and unlisten.

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Dr Lynda Shaw tells Andy Lopata about the two inspirational teachers who impacted her career. The first, the Biology teacher in school who through using stories of the body set her on the path of a love of science. The professor who mentored her during her PHD studies. They cared enough to give Lynda their time, focus and passion which helped to map out her career. She believes that where relationships fail it is usually caused by misunderstanding intentions, poor communications and assumptions made.

Lynda shares three books which have inspired her.

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Andy Lopata's guest this week is Dr Lynda Shaw, a cognitive neuroscientist. Andy was particularly interested in how neuroscience helps us to understand our relationships with other people and manage them more effectively. Lynda emphasised that we can never know how someone else feels and that empathy is very important in building relationships. Leaders need to understand the impact of their decisions on other people and theirs on us. Our brains are about networks that influence our decisions. Those networks are affected by our feelings and what is going on around us. Andy and Lynda also discuss why we have chemistry with some and not others and how at work, leaders have to control their behaviour to be fair. Unconscious bias is normal but not acceptable. Neuroscience helps to understand people; understand what motivates people and how to build relationships.

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Andy Lopata and Beam Maue follow up their earlier conversation about the formation of the innovation mission AFWERX, by looking at the professional relationships both positive and negative, that impacted the experiment. The US Airforce General who gave him the opportunity to lead the mission and a leader and role model who had vision and belief in him. They gave him the support to overcome obstacles and resistance from a military bureaucracy. Beam and his team did initially encounter negativity from people who did not fully understand what he was trying to achieve, but by connecting with people the situation did improve. Beam shares the books that have influenced him during his career.

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Dr Beam Maue is the co-founder of AFWERX, an innovation mission within the US Airforce. He and his team have created an innovative and forward thinking community within a military hierarchy. AFWERX now collaborates with hundreds of innovation tech groups and small businesses. Andy and Beam discuss the ideas of democracy versus dictatorships that are the basis of the mission, overcoming problems of bureaucracy and red tape, and the importance of teams and relationships. The mission was exteremely successful based on centralised leadership and decentralised action.

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Following his discussion about conflict with two former police officers, Laura Ash and Kul Muhay, Andy Lopata asks more personal questions about the professional relationships that impacted their careers. Kul, a natural introvert found he has a tendency to develop deep relationships based on a values first perspective. He has a small connected world. For Laura relationships are the core of business and level three listening is paramount in developing those connections. She believes that people who are judgemental cannot form good relationships.  Kul found that any kind of relationship will fail when there is a lack of trust, communication or understanding.

A list of their favourite books and resources are in the show notes.

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In the last regular podcast with Ruth Gotian, Andy Lopata and Ruth talk about the levels of trust that enable you to open up your network to other people. The 'Gotiansphere' is Andy's description of a world created by Ruth where her networks in New York and London overlap with many becoming close friends who she knows, likes and trusts. These three steps in a relationship are discussed in detail. Ruth and Andy look at the ideas of associated trust, intuition and vulnerable leadership as well as the value of masterminding. Covid has made us comfortable with forming virtual relationships. But, networks also have to be protected and you  share your network when it is appropriate.

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In this discussion about the impact of professional relationships on his career, Mark Herschberg is certain that all the relationships he has had have influenced him in some way. Different relationships both positive and negative helped form the people skills critical in management. For Mark, ethics really matter and he did come across unethical managers. He recognised that there may be no right or wrong but there is a line that must not be crossed. Private communities are safer places where there is a high degree of trust.

He shares some of the many books that he recommends.

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Andy Lopata's guest on this week's Connected Leadership Podcast is Mark Herschberg the author of The Career Toolkit.  Mark has had a varied career from cyber security to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems and teaching at MIT. In this podcast Andy and Mark take a practical view of how relationships play a key role in a successful career, including both internal relationships in an organisation and widening your network with a diverse external network. Internal professional relationships open up access to information and differing perspectives. Career growth and promotion prospects are linked to how you sell yourself. With external relationships, diversity is important to add value to your network.

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From a traditional Scots background and strongly influenced by his father's expectations, Neil Wilkie talks about the relationships that impacted his career. Successful but unhappy, Neil eventually gave up his business where he had never felt comfortable with the ultimate goal of profit. He moved to Vistage acting as a mentor in mastermind groups. For the first time he felt equal in the community of Vistage Chairs, the collegiate nature of the groups which emphasised a shared purpose, openness and support. The desire for approval from his father and other family problems were the negative relationships that affected his career.

Neil shares some resources that he particularly recommends.

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Andy Lopata's guest on this week's Connected Leadership Podcast is Neil Wilkie, author, coach and psychotherapist. Andy and Neil discuss how the way you engage with both personal and professional relationships impacts the success you enjoy in your career. Neil left a thriving business because it made him unhappy, he wanted to focus on relationships and help successful but unhappy businessmen. He developed a Relationship Paradigm for personal relationships and the discussion looks at how it impacts people in their work and how the paradigm also relates to professional relationships.


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Andy Lopata discusses the positive and negative aspects of professional relationships during their careers with Jon Baker and Jenn Kahnweiler. For Jon, an introvert, he was most influenced by extroverts who were people oriented, while he found introverts more task focused. He recalled poor leaders who didn't recognise different personalities and wrongly denigrated those who didn't match their perspective. Jenn had both good and bad managers in the early stages of her career, but there were also fantastic mentors/bosses and others she wanted to emulate. Her negative experiences came from not taking the time to assess personality traits and trying to impose her own ideas.

Jon and Jenn share their favourite resources.

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'It's useful to have the introvert/extrovert spectrum as a guide, as a way of understanding people are different, behave differently in different circumstances by what energises them. Use it as a guide but still focus on the individual.' Andy Lopata hosts an interesting discussion with Jennifer Kahnweiler from New York and Jon Baker, introvert. They discuss the differences in building relationships, networking, working in teams and understanding people who may be a different personality type. Was lockdown a positive experience for introverts or do they still need the personal connections that come with working in an office or meeting and connecting with new people?  Andy, Jenn and Jon discuss how most people have elements of both personalities and how that can be used constructively.

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Andy Lopata welcomes back Connected Leadership Podcast regular contributor Luca Signoretti and they talk about the need for change and re-visiting where you are in your career and your goals. The pandemic has brought a time of change. Companies are re-structuring and there is a rise in redundancies. Andy and Luca discuss the problems of moving to new areas of business and how good research and a diverse network can help. The value of feedback and a trusted mentor help to negotiate an unfamiliar path.

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Zena Everett's entire career is based on professional relationships and she discusses with Andy Lopata how important this has been. All opportunities have come from her network and she includes the pivotal effect of feedback from trusted sources, however tough. Relationships could go wrong when she was too opinionated, giving unwanted advice. Zena learned that sometimes people just want someone to listen. She shares some of her favourite books.

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Andy lopata's guest this week is Zena Everett, a leadership coach and speaker on career strategy and productivity. She is the author of Amazon #1 best-seller 'The Crazy Busy Cure'.

Andy and Zena discuss the challenge most clients share of a lack of time to focus on relationship building, particularly true in professional services where people are often judged on billable hours. How do we strike the right balance and find the time? The importance of building relationships outside the business to stay in touch with changes. Time management involves setting priorities, planning, discipline and includes deep work sessions and good leadership. They conclude by looking at how we adapt to a post pandemic world with new technology and new, flexible ways of working.

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In the follow up podcast to to their discussion on adapting to new expectations after Covid, Andy asks Valerie Belhassen about the impact of professional relationships on her career. For Valerie it was the mix of contributions to her career development by many people. How to manage, how to get the best out of people, how to listen and welcome other ideas. She also learned to claim the value of her own work and she found gender differences in doing that. The problems she faced in her initial search for perfection encouraged her to listen more and make room for others. Valerie shared her favourite resources.


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Andy Lopata and Valerie Belhassen discuss the changes that are taking place in the multi-national bank BNP Paribas. Valerie is Head of Compliance Human Resourses at BNPP and has been involved in the adaptation of working methods across countries and cultures. They look at how remote working has impacted the bank and the prospects for the future. How the bank proposes to deal with the issues that arise in the future and the pros and cons of doing that. Andy and Valerie also examine video conferencing fatigue, staff well-being when there is a lack of physical contact and the importance of trust. Valerie outlines her plan for 'smart-working'.

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Following the podcast on Monday with Carla Bass and Jackie Barrie, Andy Lopata poses questions to them on the impact of professional relationships on their careers. Carla's father was also in the US Airforce and gave her good advice which she followed throughout her career. Leadership skills came from senior officers she encountered over thirty years. Jackie found relationships that supported and challenged her had most impact. The corporate boss who then became a client; the coach who helped a breakthrough in her career and the accountability  partner through lockdown who was her help and conscience. Challenges in relationships for Carla were mainly based on being one of few women in the USAF at the start of her career. Jackie unintentionally upset and lost a good friend by writing about her and this was an important lesson. Carla and Jackie recommended their favourite resources.


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In this week's podcast on the power of the written word, Andy Lopata talks to Carla Bass and Jackie Barrie both long time experts in this field. Carla's battle cry is that powerful writing changes lives and is the author of 'Write to Influence'. Jackie speaks trains and mentors aspiring copywriters around the world to write without waffle. They discuss the value of good writing in establishing relationships and whether it is a fundamental skill in good leadership. Ambiguity can be a problem causing misunderstanding if the written word is not clear. Andy and his guests also talk about communication issues; social media and the importance of knowing your audience and how they communicate. They also examine the differences between introverts and extroverts in communication skills and whether good grammar and spelling are still important.

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In this edition marking the one year anniversary of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata answers two important questions. The first from Wanda in Carmel, California, is on the topic of why some teams work while others don't. The second question comes from Jackie Barrie, who guests next week on the podcast.  She wants to know how to say 'no' to someone especially when they are looking for free advice.

This is the last regular monthly 'Ask Andy' but there will be occasional podcasts if there are topics or questions that arise.

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Andy's regular monthly guest, Dr Ruth Gotian, joins him to discuss whether you need to be in the office to find a mentor. There are obvious benefits but small talk can be challenging especially with senior colleagues. Andy and Ruth look at the advantages of the invisible wall of a screen giving the opportunity to think through, edit and delete before you speak. Connecting with people you respect, admire or are curious about through social media can lead to opportunities you would otherwise not have. They also discuss Zoom calls and the value of using the chat feature and follow up to raise your visibility and engage with senior people. Dr Ruth defines and distinguishes between a role model, mentor, a coach and a sponsor.

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In this week's follow up podcast, Andy Lopata and Adam Harris discuss the significance of professional relationships; mentors; being in the right communities so that you learn from others and the importance of trust, rapport and respect. An early negative experience actually led to the development of Adam's current career and his philosophy of - good thing, bad thing, who knows!

Adam recommends mastermind groups as a learning resource and the Frank and Fearless Podcast.

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Andy Lopata talks to Adam Harris, Executive Coach and informal mentor in this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast. They discuss Frank and Frearless Leadership; asking the question, 'can leaders be vulnerable?'  Leaders need to have the right conversations, at the right time with the right person.  Great leaders evolve all the time but many are in denial, not recognising the need to change and not recognising their blind spots. Leaders should be self-reflective and vulnerable enough to ask for feedback. Getting out of the comfort zone: see Jehari Window


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Andy Lopata is delighted to welcome Professor Dorie Clark as his guest on the 100th edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast. Dorie is a highly respected executive coach, author, speaker and professor in the US. They discuss the professional relationships, good and not so good, that had the most impact on her career. Pointing out the danger of underestimating the value of casual relationships, Dorie emphasises the importance of dropping preconceptions and just building relationships; this led to her rule of 'no asks for a year'. Finally, she recommends her favourite resources; details in the show notes.

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Andy Lopata's guest for the 99th and 100th edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast is Dorie Clark, recognised as one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, and as the #1 Communication Coach by the Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Awards. She teaches executive education at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Columbia Business School, and is the author of Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, Dorie is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review.,  Her new book, THE LONG GAME How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World, is being published next month.
This fascinating conversation covers the benefits of a long-term strategy in business relationships. In organisations changing attitudes can be a challenge, while small businesses can effectively be long-term driven. Switching to long-term thinking can be a balancing act of persuasion. The art is in attracting patient investors who are willing to bide their time with you. Andy and Dorie also talk about being bad at something - deliberately.

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A man of many talents, Rob Gardner's most impactful relationships are now long term, positive friendships. His boss early in his career became his life long friend and they founded two companies together. Other significant relationships vital to his career development included Redington's first client and Rob's wife who he met professionally at work. For Rob it was bosses who can impact a career and involve help and support, rather than clients. But, there are also lessons to be learned from bad bosses; as he put it, the good, the bad and the ugly! If a professional relationship is breaking down it is easy to jump to conclusions. A better way is make the effort to understand, maintain or repair. Rob shared his favourite resources.

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Andy Lopata's guest this week on the Connected Leadership Podcast is Rob Gardner. Currently Rob is Chairman of Investments at St James' Place but has had a varied career and has many charitable interests as well as having written a successful children's book based on earning money, keeping money, growing money. Andy and Rob discuss the significance of meeting new people and then judging the book by its cover.  Rob encourages avoiding stereotypes when meeting people and using curiosity rather than making assumptions that are often untrue. 'Do your homework' before the conversation is the best advice in developing relationships. Also, knowing your purpose and being clear on the best way to invest your time.


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Professional relationships from the start of his career, influenced how Brian Murphy deals with his own team as a leader. The Head of Global Learning at AstraZeneka, Brian recalls how the right leader can transform and open up opportunities for their team by having belief, listening and trusting. His most positive relationships have come from both his bosses and from his teams. When professional relationships are not as positive it is important to think about other people's views; they are not necessarily wrong, they are different. Brian shares his favourite resources with Andy.

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In today's podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Brian Murphy, Head of Global Learning at AstraZeneka about the future of leadership. Topics covered include the roles of control and trust; leaders stepping away and creating the conditions for people to excel and how the vaccine development has impacted the culture across AstraZeneca. Andy and Brian also discuss how ways of working have changed giving leaders the challenge of how to support their team and to navigate that change. It's harder to support people working remotely, how have the leaders adapted to the new normal?  Finally, has the last year changed how we like to learn?

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In a change this month from answering your questions, Andy Lopata talks about Rishi Sunak's article in the Times, "Go back to the office if you want to get on". What are we missing by not being together in the workplace and how are we going to adapt to changes brought about by the pandemic? The Chancellor emphasised the problems for young people at the outset of their career needing to build their networks and find the mentors to support them in their career. With hybrid working patterns, how do we include people working remotely? In the US leadership attitudes are much tougher, but companies are going to need to adapt and find a balance in new, flexible ways of working.

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In this month's regular podcast with Ruth Gotian, Andy and Ruth share their experiences with Olympians and other high achievers. People in both sport and business working towards a goal, had to adjust during the pandemic to maintain control. For Olympians it is important to always have the next goal in mind, something bigger, to be the best. High achievers have to make sacrifices and maintaining relationships, being surrounded by good people from different backgrounds, who will keep you grounded, is paramount. A balance has to found between competition and collaboration and individuals work together as a team in the Olympics. This balance also occurs in business. For Paralympians, it is finding people with the same purpose, the same goals, who support each other.

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Sabra Horne, former chief of the Innovation Hub at the US Government CISA agency is Andy Lopata's guest this week. The professional relationships that had most impact on Sabra's life and career were mainly centred around 9/11. Involved in academic research at the start of her career, she saw the power of research to make a difference in a positive way. After 9/11 she moved into government to work to make the world a better place. She was influenced by a CIA Chief of Station who used her leadership role to care for her staff and taught how to interact and work with teams. In terms of negative relationships, Sabra's view is to have the courage in the moment, to have the difficult conversation that might solve the situation.  Andy and Sabra finish the podcast by talking about her favourite resources.

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In this week's Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks about cyber security and changes in technology with Sabra Horne, sometime Chief of Innovation Hub at CISA, Cyber Security Infrastructure and Security Agency in the US government. The view of the world shifted after 9/11 as criminals are able to utilise simple ways to affect us all at a very dramatic level. The need for collaboration, partnerships and innovation was recognised globally and Sabra was involved in agencies in the US taking up the challenge. She discusses hacking (for good), and how we work together to achieve common goals.  Andy and Sabra also look at how businesses and individuals can protect themselves and the innovation and use of AI.

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Joe Hirsch, author of 'The Feedback Fix' talks to Andy Lopata about the professional relationships that have had the most impact on his career and how he deals with negative relationships. Joe remembers the 'mirror holder' who challenged him with a mindset changing question during a personal career crisis and the question 'Why do you think that?' which was asked often forcing him to stop and think before acting. It made him be reflective rather than reflexive and to have the confidence to rely on his principles and beliefs. Finally, he shares his favourite resources.

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In this fascinating discussion on giving and receiving feedback with columnist and author Joe Hirsch, Joe and Andy explore a wide range of issues of interest to leaders who look for a successful process that builds rather than damages relationships. Feedback should help participants to evolve rather than provoking fear, resistance and retreat. There needs to be a change of mindset, creating a constructive partnership between the 'giver' and the 'receiver'. Joe suggests specific ways of achieving productive feedback both formal and informal. He emphasises the importance of care, caution and collaboration in a trusted relationship. Andy suggests a followup podcast to cover particularly the problem of how to receive feedback.

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The importance of serving to lead in professional relationships is discussed by Andy Lopata with his guest Devon Harris member of the first Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Devon found that the army do this well. You need to work with people who value you as an equal.  Without this, there is no trust. Devon suggests moving away from a relationship if your principles don't align. Finally , Devon recommends his favourite book and podcast.

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From the slums of Kingston, Jamaica to Sandhurst Military Academy. That was the massive culture change for Devon Harris. He had to prove his ability to himself and believe in himself. Devon was a member of the first Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Winter Olympics, a story made into the film 'Cool Running'.  The training for the Olympics was similar to the intensive training at Sandhurst. The team had to learn to be supportive, despite the fierce competition to be the leader. The team had to learn to be good followers if they wanted to be good leaders. They also had to manage conflict and develop trust.

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In this month's 'Ask Andy', Andy Lopata answers three questions from recent presentations. First, he looks at how to deal with toxic work relationships that could create mental health issues. The second question relates to personality issues with leaders. And finally, an unusual question: 'I am anti-social, I don't like people. I can be charismatic and know that relationships are important'.  Difficult but interesting topics to reflect on.

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In the first of Andy Lopata's new regular conversations with Ruth Gotian, contributor to Forbes Magazine and Psychology Today, they discuss high achievers and how to encourage and develop their talent. Topics covered include an organisation's role in investing in and recognising their potential stars. The framework that will instill curiosity and creativity and give opportunities to learn and progress. Andy and Ruth also look at the role of mentoring and the importance of rotating through departments and divisions to establish relationships. Mentoring will be discussed more fully in future podcasts.

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In a fascinating second discussion with Caterina Kostoula, Andy Lopata asks Caterina about the professional relationships that have had the most impact on her career. They then talk about what happens when a relationship goes wrong. Caterina remembers early important relationships and learning how to manage the ending of those work relationships while retaining the connection. They also discuss struggles with authority, avoidance and establishing common ground before meetings. The resources that have had the most influence on her, including the work of Michael Meade.

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In today's Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Caterina Kostoula discuss what makes a great meeting and how leaders can plan and improve when meetings are less productive for both the organisation and the participants. They examine the myth of the lonely genius and teamwork. What changes can be made to improve meetings and what is the best number of particpants. Sometimes there is a place for an outside facilitator to improve the planning for a meeting, the number of attendees and the bonding of those taking part. Andy and Caterina also talk about getting your voice heard. Finally they look at problems for meetings during the pandemic.

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Vidusha and Andy discuss the type of relationships you need in your network if you are going to be successful. The baseline for success are personal relationships . At work Vidusha believes you need a variety of relationships; those giving support, challenging you, the risk assessor, the mentor/coach and the technical expert. You also need the person who will always ask 'so what?' and 'now what?'  When relationships go wrong, be introspective and realise that the professional relationship may be wrong but he/she is not a bad person. The podcast finishes with some of the resources that have influenced Vidusha during his career.

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Vidusha Nathavitharana is a leadership trainer, coach, and consultant. He has written over 50 books and he took the TEDx stage, talking about facilitating ‘learning’ not training and how learning can be linked to ROI when delivered exactly right. Andy Lopata and Vidusha discuss a variety of leadership topics including, organisational culture, qualities of leadership and creating eco-systems to encourage and support.  They also talk about target orientation and the relationship between leaders and followers. The importance of vulnerability and credibility and the distinction between leaders as mentors and coaches follow on from their discussion.  They finish with a look at introverts and extroverts as leaders.

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In his second interview with Jane Gunn, the Barefoot Mediator, Andy Lopata asks Jane about the professional relationships that have had the most impact on her career. Jane gives him one example where she received the support and trust she needed from her senior partner despite the challenge of being a junior and a women in a male dominated environment. When relationships become challenging, taking a step back to think about it calmly is usually the best strategy. Jane recommends two books that have influenced her thinking.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata discusses managing conflict in professional relationships with Jane Gunn, The Barefoot Mediator and former lawyer. If professional relationships underline executive success, what happens when conflict arises and threatens to breakdown relationships or collaboration? Jane explains how conflict is a process by which we express our disatisfaction with a person or a situation. A bad conversation or assumptions can escalate and cause resentment and misunderstanding. Strategies to overcome these problems include a clear mindset, a constructive response and mediation. Also important is a framework within organisations for managing conflict in these situations.

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In this month's 'Ask Andy', Andy Lopata covers three areas he wants to share. First is 'small talk' and its role in supporting and helping us. The relational rather than transactional approach helps to really get to know people and make stronger and more authentic connections. Andy then discusses coming back from the pandemic, and the importance of recognising and empathising with those who may find the transition back to meeting face to face, uncomfortable or difficult. Finally, Andy shares some tools and infographics he has produced to help you develop your professional relationships and to assess your vulnerability.

Available at and



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Agile Leadership: how strong connections and strong professional relationships can help you to make better decisions and respond more quickly to events on the ground. In their end of month discussion, Andy Lopata and Luca Signoretti look at how companies are adapting and becoming more agile with the decision making process pushed down the hierarchy empowering middle and high ranking leaders. But, when you empower decision making, you should also give access to resources and information needed to make the best decisions. Luca and Andy discuss the individual's responsibility for their own development, what they need to do that and what blockers are in the way. Finally, they talk about 360 degree networks and Luca's workshops on LinkedIn.

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Andy Lopata follows up his conversation with Dr Alison Horstmeyer about the value of being curious. They discuss professional relationships and the resources that have most influenced Alison in her career. Her perspective is different in that she used negative relationships and feedback to be curious about herself, to help herself move forward and to see what were her blindspots.  Andy and Alison also talked about the importance of honesty and trust when asking for feedback. Alison concludes by sharing her favourite books and Ted Talk.

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Dr Alison Horstmeyer is a 'curious person'. A former Fortune 500 business executive , she turned to academia and describes herself as a curiosity activator. Her view of professional relationships concentrates on the emotional and motivational attributes of ourselves and our teams. Within that is curiosity, a core skill and tool for connected leadership.  Accepting vulnerability can help us to be authentically curious. The definition of leadership has changed in the digital age. Leaders enable the 'how?' and teams are asked for their input. Social media enables curiosity, using technology to breakdown silos and build genuine connections.

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Following their previous discussion, Andy Lopata and Professor Paul McGee look at the impact of professional relationships on a career. Paul talks about Jacqueline Guthrie who believed in him and gave him the chance he needed. She was the game changer, opening up global opportunities for him. Paul then shares some of his favourite authors includng Damian Hughes, Tim Lovejoy, Simon Mundy and Peter Thomson.

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Andy Lopata and the SUMO guy, Professor Paul McGee, discuss happiness and his new book 'The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto for Living Your Best Life' by Andy Cope and Paul McGee.  Lockdown has changed perspectives. The role of technology and social media in maintaining connections has been very important, but has also caused problems when it hasn't been used properly. A balance is required in identifying 'happiness', it doesn't always need to be goal orientated, you can be happy but still have further ambitions. Unhappiness has led to mental health problems. It is ok not to feel happy all the time. Happier people find it easier to form professional relationships.




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Andy Lopata's guest is Professer Mark Beal from Rutgers University in New Jersey, whose career spans 25 years in advertising, marketing and PR. Mark's first job opportunity came from two people he met while an intern at a PR agency. That meeting changed the direction of his life and his career.  Mark shares his favourite resources. He has 'must reads' every day including the 'Morning Consult', a data organisation that keeps him up to speed on the latest news. He also reads a number of newsletters with a variety of content.  Podcasts are a favourite for more in depth conversation and he listens to TedX talks finding them informative and inspiring. 'Fast Company' is an innovative monthly magazine. His own podcast is 'GenZ from A-Z' and can be found on YouTube

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Mark Beal, professor & keynote speaker. Author of four books including 'Decoding Gen Z' and 'Understanding Gen Z.  Andy and Mark discuss the changes in attitude and behaviour of this generation, their entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Gen Z can work from anywhere, salary is not the prime consideration, they are looking for a corporate culture of diversity, belonging and inclusion. Leaders need to listen to them and give them a voice, being mentors rather than managers. The importance of social and audio media platforms is considered and the effect of Covid on mental health and the resilience of this generation.

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Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman recall the professional relationships that impacted their early careers and share resources that influence them. Sanja thrived both in corporate life and as an entrepreneur with the help of those who believed in her, who nurtured her talent and had confidence in her abilities. Caroline remembers an absence of senior leaders who mentored her in the corporate environment. One senior lawyer kept her on track despite feeling she was in an alien environment. Professional relationships with peers who were aspirational and mastermind groups, helped her believe in what was possible. But, sometimes relationship evolve and change and this is acceptable.


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In a fascinating conversation, Andy Lopata explores the concept of Imposter Syndrome with Caroline Flanagan and Sanja Rahman. The belief that any success you have, where you are now, is all down to luck and not your own ability. The fear of being exposed as the fraud you think you are. Sanja takes this a step further seeing the Imposter Monster, the inner critic appearing at important moments in career growth. To overcome this you need reminders (receipts) of success and a support network. Imposter Syndrome is more destructive than self-doubt. Caroline and Sanja have both experienced being women of colour in a white corporate world and found the turning point is belief in yourself; when you go from being the only one in the room, to being the first in the room. Imposter Syndrome doesn't go away, but you find tools to manage it. Leaders need to recognize the struggle and encourage the conversation in order to help.

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Doug Conant talks to Andy Lopata about the professional relationships that had the most impact on his career. He recalls three bosses in the early years who understood him and wanted him to succeed. They helped him to develop his philosophy of valuing other perspectives and celebrating contributions from employees. This showed that as a leader, he had built a strong foundation, he was paying attention, making it personal and in time it became reciprocal.                                                   Resources included the Ted Talk by David Brooks 'Should you live for your resume or your eulogy?'                                                'Good to Great' by Jim Collins                                                  'Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking' by Susan Kane                                                                            'Dare to Lead' by Brene Brown

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Andy Lopata talks to Doug Conant who, during a long career headed the Campbell Soup Company, Nabisco and Avon .The author of two books, he now works with leaders encouraging them to listen and to embrace interruptions as Touchpoints, the key to effective leadership and effective engagement with staff. Frequency of interactions however small, can make an impact in a short space of time and is key to building trust and strong relationships. 'How can I help?' is the key concept. Social media presents a challenge; you need to be clear about how you want to be seen and have the discipline to use social media effectively. Doug shares his six step process for leaders to become fully effective and discusses how important is it for a leader to be open and vulnerable?

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In April's Ask Andy, Andy Lopata focuses on two listeners' questions. Is it right that we should show our scars not our wounds? Andy discusses how to show our scars we need to have found the solution to a problem and we are then in a position of experience and expertise. If we show our wounds we are showing vulnerability in asking for help. The second question looks at how you deal with the situation when someone uses your vulnerability against you. Andy talks about how you share and who you share with and the importance of trust in relationships.

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In this month's discussion Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata consider the question of where to network, how do we meet people in a virtual world? Social audio has become very popular and Luca recommends leveraging your current network to meet new people. But it is essential that you are strategic and targeted in your approach. For those who do not have a strong network, Luca and Andy discuss the tools that can be used, including LinkedIn and asking for help from personal networks. It is essential that you know who you want to meet and why you want the connection. In a normal environment, use your strategy to select your networking events and focus on building the relationship first.

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Liana Chaouli shares with Andy Lopata the impact that professional relationships have had on her journey and recommends some of her favourite resources. Liana tells the story of the trust and opportunity given by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) early in her career that changed the path of her work. She believes there is no boundary between professional and personal relationships and talks about the importance of the influence of relatives and friends. Relationships can go wrong through the lack of communication, the use of words. Liana talks about leadership, sharing wounds and the need to acknowledge and take responsibility for your own mistakes.  Among the resources she shares is the challenge to learn from exploring different perspectives.

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In a fascinating interview with Liana Chaouli, Andy Lopata explores the domain of image therapy. Liana believes most people wear clothing as armour when it should be a frame reflecting who we are. She believes we react to expectations, conforming to what we believe society wants and leaving no room for individuality, inner beauty and authenticity. Clothing should be a tool, bringing out the essence of a person and making them comfortable with themselves.  Feeling good about yourself makes it easier to engage and connect with other people. By admitting our vulnerability we can let go of the armour.

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Nick Jonsson continues his discussion with Andy Lopata about his struggles with executive loneliness as an ex-pat in Singapore. Nick has a passion to reach out to speakers, presenters and coaches and match people with the right audience. His professional relationships are based on this and by using many of the same contacts over the years, he has developed a strong, effective network.  Professional relationships can go wrong if you don't have a plan and a strategy. You may form relationships on the wrong basis and find it necessary to walk away.

Many of the resources Nick uses come from support groups but he also recommended 'Goals!' by Brian Tracy and 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T Kiyosaki



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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Nick Jonsson,Managing Director of Executives' Global Network & Ironman (EGN), discuss the issues that led him to write the book 'Executive Loneliness'. As an ex-pat he relied on the company to support him and when he lost his job he became isolated, was insecure, anxious and angry. Nick explains how he realised he needed to be less reliant on the company. At work he didn't share with anyone and he conducted a survey that showed that this was general in a senior executive position; you don't ask for help showing vulnerability. Nick shares his advice on how to overcome this problem with support groups such as mastermind groups.

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Anna Parker Naples talks about the professional relationships that influenced her career in this edition of the podcast. Anna had a strategic focus towards mastermind groups where she received support and peer group mentoring. These groups helped her to develop and and by knowing exactly what support she needed she was able to benefit from their knowledge.  The setting of boundaries was sometimes a challenge in managing client relationships.

Anna recommended 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron and 'The Five Second Rule' by Mel Robbins. She also talks about the importance of the self-discipline she needed to write her own books.

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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast Andy Lopata interviews Anna Parker Naples, author of 'Get Visible', 'Podcast With Impact' and the podcast challenge on Facebook. They discuss the rapid growth of the medium linked to the need to connect. Anna views a podcast as attraction marketing, sharing and building trust. It is also important to share vulnerability as this creates connections in professional relationships that underpin executive success. Are podcasts the new websites giving leaders within an industry more visibility? Anna finishes by sharing her podcasting top tips.

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Following his first interview with journalist, television presenter,food writer and critic, Rebecca Seal, Andy Lopata asks Rebecca about the impact of professional relationships on her career. Rebecca talks specifically about three people; the editor who taught her in the early stage of her journalistic career; the PR for restaurants who was a silent mentor, gently pushing her when she was a freelance writer to gain her first regular client. Her agent for many years who always believed in her.  Looking at professional relationships that have gone wrong, Rebecca talks about projecting very high expectations on people and putting them under too much pressure. Creating stress leads to letting people down.

Finally they discuss resources and particularly books.  A full list can be found in the show notes but three books were most notable; Mindset by Carol Dweck, Grit by Angela Duckworth and Gulp by Mary Roach

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In a fascinating conversation with Rebecca Seal, journalist, food critic and author of 'Solo - How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind', Andy Lopata explores with Rebecca how to cope with the psychological difficulties of being by yourself. They look at the mental challenge of solitude and strategies for creating an environment of discipline and boundaries that are successful. Working from home can be very rewarding if certain rules are followed.  Having dedicated spaces for work and home life; a transitional ritual, closing down at the end of the work day and therefore symbolically allowing your work day to end. Rebecca and Andy also discuss the importance of managing  both personal and professional relationships with care.  Social media and food are also discussed.

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In his monthly edition answering questions, Andy Lopata shares the questions asked by the team at IV EXEC in the US. Several questions focused on time management; how to optimise time spent networking, building deep relationships within time restraints and how to show you are genuine. A question on cold reach brings up the importance of focus on the 'you' rather than 'I' in a conversation. Andy also looks at where there may be gaps in your network and finally, nurturing relationships in a virtual world and dialling up the empathy.

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In his regular end of the month conversation with Luca Signoretti, Italian Leadership Strategist, Andy and Luca talk about how you build a relationship when you meet people for the first time. The need to be prepared to take the next step to continue the conversation and most importantly, to follow up. Both Andy and Luca suggest tools that can be used to confirm a new relationship and how you can shift your focus in a socially distant world. They also discuss the value and potential of introductions and referrals from your network.

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Andy Lopata continues his conversation with Jen Snow from the US Airforce and David Schiff from the US Navy. Looking back at the people who had the most influence on their careers, Jen and David had very similar experiences and identify the many professional relationships where their confidence was developed enabling them to be comfortable asking questions and having the opportunity to learn from smart people who placed trust in them. They discuss the importance of support, mentorship and the challenge of being a professional and a leader.

A long, eclectic list of resources are given by Andy's guests.

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In a fascinating edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Jennifer “JJ” Snow, Chief Technology Officer for AFWERX the innovation division of the U.S. Air Force and David Schiff, Department of Defense leader, innovator, and federal-wide collaborator for the Department of the Navy. They both have important and challenging roles and discuss the power of professional relationships and the importance of collaboration, innovation and strong networks. They describe the effectiveness of working across silos and interagency cooperation with a willingness to share information, expertise and challenges. Jen and David also talk about hackerthons and international collaboration.


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In the Thursday edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Martin Gargiulo continue their conversation about the importance of social capital.  Martin gives an illustration of a situation where social capital can work and act as an insurance policy.  The people who influenced Martin's career in his home country of Uruguay, the long standing relationship and respect for the Columbia professor and the colleague at INSEAD who helped develop his career.

Martin recommends several books including a biography of the master networker, Henry Kissinger, by Niall Ferguson and 'All You Have To Do Is Ask by Wayne Baker.



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In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Martin Gargiulo, Shell Chair Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Develpment, INSEAD, about what  we mean by 'Social Capital'? They distinguish between human and social capital, the latter underlying our success. What you learn and what you have access to through relationships with other people. They discuss how social capital can help leaders be more effective. The role of social media and building relationships virtually in the current pandemic.  Andy and Martin also examine the difference between wide and deep networks.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata continues his discussion with Big Issue CEO Nigel Kershaw . They focus on the importance of amateur relationships, working with people who are engaging with you because of their passion for what you are doing.  Things go wrong when people look for association with the brand only and don't deliver.

A major influence has been 'Capitalism,Socialism and Democracy' by American economist Joseph Schumpeter

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In this episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy lopata talks to Nigel Kershaw, Chairman of the Big Issue, Big Issue Invest and Big Issue Exchange.  They discuss the start up of the Big Issue by Lord John Bird and its mission to get the homeless off the streets. Seen as a business solution rather than a charity, Andy and Nigel discuss the interdependency between the vendors and the teams and the relationships between the vendors and their clients.  They also look at the obstacles they faced and how they have changed the perception of homeless people.

As the business has grown and in the current circumstances, digital changes and innovation have been made introducing cashless on the street to protect and help vendors. Big Issue Invest and Big Issue Exchange are an extension of the original mission.

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This month's 'Ask Andy', answers a question through LinkedIn from  a listener to the Connected Leadership Podcast from Austria.  How can you draw a line between a casual relationship and a genuine networker, thus building a network where the benefits of a professional relationship can be leveraged effectively.  How do you filter out the time wasters?

From an article Andy wrote for this month's Big Issue, he talks about the lessons learnt from the past months of lockdown and the importance of 'dialling up the empathy'.

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This month's regular discussion on The Connected Leadership Podcast with leadership strategist Luca Signoretti, marks the first broadcast on LinkedIn Live. Recorded in the week of the US Presidential Inauguration, Luca and Andy Lopata discuss the power of professional relationships and working with people who disagree with your views.   They look at competion and short term goals within companies creating silos preventing development and growth.

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Following their wide ranging conversation about diversity and inclusion in Monday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Dr Miranda Brawn discuss her personal  journey. They look at the positive and negative influences in her professional relationships. The importance of a variety of mentors and sponsors who helped her grow at different stages of her career. Andy and Miranda also look at how you can ask for help and the reasons why some professional relationships don't work.

Resources: 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill                     'The Secret' vision board; plus podcasts, autobiographies and Hip Hop music with empowering and inspiring lyrics.

'Tell me how you got to where you are today' by Dr Miranda Brawn




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In today's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata explores the topic of Diversity in the Boardroom with Miranda Brawn, Board Advisor, Lawyer, Author, International Public Speaker, Success Coach and Founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

Some progress having been made in the conversation, there is now a need to see more action.  Andy and Miranda discuss where the challenges are in societies and to what extent ticking boxes is OK in an organisation.  They also look at the different experiences both positive and negative within the BAME community.  "If we are talking about race, it makes sense that we get it right".

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In Thursday's edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to his guests, Susan RoAne and Grant Leboff, about personal journeys and which professional relationships have had the biggest impact on their careers and why?   They also look at where relationships have gone wrong and what has been learned from the experience.

The resources Susan and Grant have found most useful over the years include listening to speakers in different fields of experience including Rabbi Jonathan Sachs whose work has resonated so strongly with Grant Leboff.

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In today's episode of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Susan RoAne, international speaker and best selling author and Grant Leboff a world renowned speaker and author on marketing and relationship building

Susan coined the popular phrase 'How to Work a Room' with her best-selling book of the same name. Andy focuses  on what happens once you have left the room. How important is following up with people and where do people go wrong?  Grant is a master of keeping in touch. Andy explores whether this is something that he does instinctively or does he have a process? They all discuss how you follow up with people when you have just met them and how you connect with people on a personal level when you have met them on business.  They have an interesting conversation on the value of social media in developing relationships.

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In the Thursday edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Todd Cherches and Andy Lopata focus on management and leadership. They look at the relationship between a leader or manager and their team and general management theory. Todd explains how his High School English teacher was the greatest influence on him. Todd and Andy go on to talk about horrible bosses and what to learn from them. Finally, they discuss recommended resources.

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In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Todd Cherches take us on a fast paced ride around the English language and visual communication, discussing how they can help us to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships. Todd Cherches, an academic from New York, talks about the use of metaphor and storytelling in visual leadership. Using a good metaphor can create greater clarity and understanding and story telling is a powerful resource. Andy and Todd also talk about using models to communicate visual thinking and the '3 Vs' of Visibility, Voice and Value.

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In this month's 'Ask Andy' Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy answers the question,'How do you plan and write a book?' Firstly he questions the reasons for writing a book. Have you something to say, are your motivations the right ones?  What support do you have and do you know your audience?  He then discusses the process; writing, editing, proofing and the value of the mind map.

Andy then examines the pros and cons of Clubhouse, a new social media conversation app.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata and Luca Signoretti continue their earlier discussion about his six performance change levers of relational leaders. Luca, a leadership strategist, explores each one in more detail.  The six have now become eight and they involve, among the challenges faced by leaders, accessing support and empowerment.  All these performance change levers are linked to relationships.

Among the change levers discussed are agility; talent management; knowledge & skills; collaboration and support. Finally, Andy and Luca look at the practical application of these levers.

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