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Following Andy Lopata's discussion with John Stapleton and Michelle Settecase in Monday's Connected Leadership podcast, John and Michelle look at the relationships and resources which have made the biggest difference in their personal journeys. Who have had the most direct influences on their careers and how they were supported in facing challenges?

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In this episode of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to John Stapleton, Founder of the New Covent Garden Soup Company, and Michelle Settecase of ErnstYoung US.  They discuss the transition from an entrepreneurial experience to a corporate experience. How two happy amateurs with different expertise created a company and how they moved on to become a corporate organisation. John and Michelle discuss the importance of a shared vision and trust and when to let go and let others do the work whilst providing the direction, motivation and ambition. They also look at developing external relationships in order to achieve a long term vision or goal.

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Following Monday's podcast with Janice Lintz, Andy Lopata takes a closer look at her personal journey and the professional relationships that most influenced her; particularly Oprah who inspires you to accomplish anything you want and the Think Tank Renaissance Weekend. She also works with a group with hearing loss who provide insight into the problems and successes of getting access. Andy and Janice discuss what causes relationships to breakdown, silos and the importance of broken trust.

Janice finds her resources in conferences and lectures where she looks to access the speakers and form connections.  She also mentions Ruth Gotian a guest on this podcast whose mentor project is a great resource.

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In this episode of the Connected Leadership Podcast Andy Lopata interviews Janice Lintz about her successes in improving access for the hard of hearing and getting induction loops installed in a host of venues across the world.
Her passion came from being the parent of a daughter with hearing problems and seeing the effect that a lack of access had on her growing up  with a normal life. Andy and Janice look at how asking on behalf of a cause you believe in makes it easier to make ‘unreasonable requests’.
Janice has had amazing success in getting in front of many high-powered people; how does she make that happen?
She has also travelled to over 140 countries and explains how she has used this to discover best practice that she has been able to use in her projects.  Finally, they discuss the importance of her support network.

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Following the Connected Leadership podcast on Monday, Andy Lopata asks Julie Holmes and Andrew Grill who have been the biggest direct influencers on their careers and how these professional relationships have impacted and supported them?   They also talk about times when relationships have broken down. What was the outcome and what was learned from the experience? Finally, they look at their favourite resources, those that have had the biggest impact on their personal journeys. These include books, Ted talks, podcasts, Lollipop Moments and a Podcast Festival.

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In this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast, Andy Lopata talks to Andrew Grill and Julie Holmes who have both enjoyed successful corporate and consultancy careers. They look at the  differences they found in professional relationships between corporate and independent business and the importance of internal networks within large organisations. They also discuss the role that technology and social media play in helping to build strong and effective professional relationships.

Andrew and Julie share their favourite apps to make your life easier.


How important is LinkedIn to relationship building?

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After the publication of 'Just Ask' on Monday, Andy Lopata shares the Prologue to the book setting out his reasons for writing the book and telling the stories included.  He catches up with some of the contributors featured in the book, following how they have progressed after overcoming the challenges they had faced.  Andy also talks to Niki Clarke founder of the charity My Black Dog, offering an online support service supported by 'Just Ask'.

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Today is Andy Lopata's special day when his new book 'Just Ask' is published.  To mark this event Andy is himself interviewed by Akash Vaghela from RMT Fitness. They explore the inspiration for 'Just Ask' and the initial goal of convincing Andy's community to change how they interacted together. This led to a series of world wide interviews with some compelling stories and exploring what stops us being open and asking for help as individuals as well as vulnerability in corporates, vulnerable leadership and cultural, gender, generational and political perspectives. How can you seek support and ask for help by opening up to others with the truth?  Andy and Akash discuss Andy's personal story and how he deals with his own vulnerability in business and the key takeaways from the book.

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In the Thursday interview, Andy Lopata and Russell Best talk about his personal journey and the relationships built over the years and where they might sometimes have gone wrong.  Russell shares examples of where developing relationships and the power of a strong network have rescued negative situations.

They also look at some recommended resources including multi media newsfeed, business books and books by both entrepreneurs and successful individuals in other areas such as sport.

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